Southfield hotel shooting: Man upgraded, suspect identified

Kyle Bozeman has been identified as the man responsible for the shooting death of a woman at a Southfield hotel. The woman, Bozemans ex, was shot while with her new boyfriend, police say.

The man believed to have killed his ex-girlfriend and hurt her new boyfriend after tracking them both down at a Southfield hotel has been identified a little more than 24 hours after the violence at the Marriott in the Detroit suburb.

Kyle Bozeman III, 49, has been identified by Southfield Police as the man who killed his ex and then shot her new boyfriend in the parking lot of the hotel. Bozeman was able to escape the scene before Southfield Police arrived after he shot and killed tahr 41-year-old woman. The man she was with, also 41, was critically hurt but was able to give police a name before being rushed to the hospital.

"It appears he was waiting in the parking lot until they exited the hotel at which time he used an assault rifle and did shoot both of them," Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren said on Monday.

After escaping the scene, sources said Bozeman went to his Warren home to get into his black Chevrolet Camaro. Those same sources said he then picked the couple’s kids from school, gave them money and said his goodbyes.

Then he dropped them off at a friend's house near The Lodge and 7 Mile – which is where Southfield Police tracked him down and tried to pull him over. That's when police said he reached for the gun used in the shooting.

"He lowered the top of the Camaro just prior to making the traffic stop, at which time our officers engaged him and he reached for the assault rifle. Officers used deadly force, fatally wounding him," Barren said.

Bozeman has a 1995 conviction for armed robbery in Detroit. According to the state of Michigan, however, there are no other previous criminal charges on his record.

The victims - both the man and the woman - have not yet been identified by police.