Stellantis-UAW profit sharing agreement sending up to $13,860 to employees

Union autoworkers employed by Stellantis will receive up to $13,860 from the automaker as part of the company's profit sharing agreement with the UAW.

The Auburn Hills-based auto manufacturer said actual payments that each of the 38,000 employees are eligible for will be sent out on Feb. 29, 2024.

The money amount that UAW employees will receive was calculated based on terms from Stellantis collective bargaining agreement that was struck in 2019.

In a statement, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer Carlos Zarlenga said the payment is a reflection of "strong financial results" the automaker secured last year.

"As one of the highest payments in the company’s history, it clearly demonstrates that we value our employees’ contributions and are committed to rewarding them when their performance supports the company’s success," he said.

The totals each employee will receive will be based on the number of hours they worked. 


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