Sterling Heights Library adds 'Library of Things' featuring pickleball kit, projector, more

Learn a new sport, take on a new hobby, fix up your house, and more with the help of the Sterling Heights Library.

The library has recently added a "Library of Things," a collection of items that can be borrowed for up to a week. Highlights of the collection include a pickleball kit, portable projector, Meta Quest, document/photo scanner, telescope, building blocks, metal detector, weaving kit, indoor air quality monitor, engraving pen, contour gauge, podcast production studio, phone camera lens kit, and more.

"These items are meant to empower our community members to explore, learn, and create in innovative ways," said Sterling Heights Public Library Director Tammy Turgeon. "From recreational tools to educational aids, the Library of Things is designed to cater to diverse interests and foster a spirit of exploration among our patrons."

The items in the Library of Things were purchased by the Friends of the Library.

These items are in addition to the bicycles and WiFi hotspots that library cardholders have been able to borrow for years.

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