Stevie Wonder gives heartfelt tribute to Aretha Franklin

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Music icon and Motown legend Stevie Wonder began by playing the harmonica at Aretha Franklin's funeral Friday.

Wonder delivered an emotional tribute, speaking of the Queen of Soul at the marathon celebration of her life at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit.

The reason that we are here today is because of love," he said. "How much we love this woman, the blessing from God that is given to us.

"Please remember the greatest gift we have been given in life itself is love."

Wonder also spoke about the early song he wrote as a child prodigy "Until you come back to me" that Franklin made into a hit.

"I never imagined that when I wrote this song at 15 Aretha would perform until you come back to me," he said. "But she did."

Wonder also addressed the current political climate and tension.

"We can talk about all the things that are wrong but the only thing that can deliver us is love. so what needs to happen today not only in this nation but the world, is that we need to make love great again.

Because black lives do matter, because all lives do matter and if we lover god it is our love that will make all things matter. that is what Aretha (taught us)."

Wonder then closed performing "As." 

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Watch the performance above.