Suspect 'sat and watched' woman before open firing on her in Sterling Heights parking lot, police say

Police in Sterling Heights are looking for a suspect after a shooting over the weekend at a condominium complex. 

The shooting was captured on surveillance video and shows the suspect shooting into a woman's car from just a few feet away. "So he had every intention of trying to murder that day," said Sterling Heights police Lt. Mario Bastianelli. 

The shooting happened Saturday, Nov. 28 at the Park Place condominiums off Big Beaver near Dequindre. 

"That’s just the grace of God that she wasn’t killed," Bastianelli said. "That's just very close range and the fact that he missed, it's a miracle."

She was hurt, though. 

"I think anybody who's of sane mind would be scared, really scared. This guy had every intent of trying to murder her that day," Bastianelli said. 

"The suspect here is in this truck," Bastianelli said, referencing the surveillance video. "He’s sitting, waiting and watching." Waiting and watching until the unsuspecting woman walked out of her condo. 

"There’s people traveling around and this guy had no care in the world about it."

Then, as she got in her car and reversed, the suspect blocked her in with his truck, got out out and started shooting right into the driver's side window. Screams can be heard from the victim’s family member on the porch.

The shooter then got back in his truck to go after the woman again, who sped off across the parking lot. 

"Crazy scenario and she had the thought to get back in her condo and call 911 and get the police on the way," Bastianelli said. 

Police used this incredible surveillance video to piece this case together and are hoping you can help. 

"Video speaks a thousand words."

If you know anything or recognize the suspect or the suspect's vehicle, call Sterling Heights police.