Teen who lost front teeth in hit and run has his smile rebuilt

"Oh my God, this looks really good," said Christopher Grady looking at his new teeth for the first time.

 It’s been a moment.- in the making.  The last time we talked to 15-year-old Christopher Grady and his mom Princess, he was healing from a horrible hit and run. A driver slowed to let him cross on his mini-bike, then sped up, hitting him on purpose on Detroit’s east side.  

"I’m happy my son is smiling again," said mom Princess Thomas.  

After his crash, many of his front teeth were gone and wounds turned to scars. Grady wore a mask to cover up where his front teeth used to be, His dredlocks he wore covering part of his face to hide the painful reminder of that day. 

And that's where Dr. Nawras Najor of Amazing Dental in Wyandotte comes in. 

"It's just the kids, it really gets to me, it is sad to see someone not being able to smile," said Dr. Najor. 

 He saw the FOX 2 story and knew he had to do something - that something, was a new smile. 

"I feel amazing," Grady said. 

His lips are still numb - but already he looks like a new kid.  

"I'm really nervous, I’m shaking," he said.  

The surgery would have cost $24,000 and just when you think this generosity is over, Dr. Najor with another surprise up his sleeve - a new PlayStation 5

"I got new teeth and a PS5, oh my God," he said. 

"When I see that smile it makes everything worth it," Dr. Najor said.

The doc put in a permanent porcelein bridge - making his smile, seamless - and it means everything.  

"I ride past the block he got hit on or whatever, but now I try to put that fear behind me," his mom said. "I’m just grateful that he’s able to smile again."  

Thank you all so much, thank everybody for this," said Christopher.