'The court finally got it': Repeat suspect remanded to jail, charged with attacking 2 women on bond

A shooting suspect who was out on bond has been charged with domestic violence. The man allegedly assaulted the mother of his child and her mother while out on a reduced bond.

Torrion Hudson was back in court Friday for another arraignment. Afterwards Magistrate Malaika Ramsey-Heath, 36th District Court, remanded him back to jail.

"Thank you counsel the court notes that formal reading has been waived and entered a not guilty plea, on your client's behalf," said Heath.

Hudson, 22. was previously was arrested and charged after allegedly shooting a 19-year-old in her neck at a Detroit gas station in December. His bond initially set at a million dollars but during a redetermination bond hearing in January, it was lowered to $250,000 by Judge Larry D. Williams.

At an emergency bond motion a second judge decided not to increase the bond but did place Hudson on a GPS tether with house arrest restrictions.

It was during this time that the alleged assault which included the use of cleaning products took place and landed Hudson back in court Friday.

"Judge we the people are requesting a very high cash bond," said assistant prosecutor Sona Movsisyan.

Prosecutors see Hudson as a flight risk, but his attorney says he has little money and is dealing with a medical condition.

"He does suffer from sickle cell anemia he indicates he’s in a ton of pain, and he is suffering from asthma," claimed the defense attorney.

But Judge Heath wasn’t convinced based on the allegations surrounding the recent assault.

"He was trying to kill her, ripping a sewn-in wig completely off head. Pouring bleach and Pine Sol on her," Heath said.

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And with that, the judge made it clear: "I am remanding him."

The mother of the teen shot at that Detroit gas station had this say:

"I think the court finally got it," said Keta Moore. "They are understanding that this man is a danger not only to himself, but to  people in the community."

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy was pleased to see Hudson kept in jail.

"Sadly, one does not have to be clairvoyant to know that we would see Mr. Hudson again. Even more tragic is the fact is that two more women had to suffer from his alleged behavior. He is right where he should be in this moment - remanded to jail," said Prosecutor Worthy.