'Tired of this': Detroit family grieves man murdered in same area where relative was killed 3 years ago

A Detroit family is grieving after a man was found murdered Monday morning near the porch of their home.

Lavell Quinney, 46, was shot to death at the house on Cheyenne Street near Chicago and Schaefer.

"He died alone and that's the biggest resentment I have," Quinney's nephew, who wants to remain anonymous for safety reasons, said.

The death is something all too familiar for the family; another relative was killed on the same block in 2020.

"I'm no different than the rest. Everyone's tired of this," the nephew said. 

Quinney's family said he had just gotten off of parole a few days before his murder.

"The timing is just, it's hard to think about. It was definitely a time in which my family couldn't afford it. We needed all we had, we still do," the nephew said. 

He remembered his uncle as a "loving, compassionate, brave, family man."

Police are continuing to investigate and search for the shooter, who family says loosely knew Quinney. Part of that investigation is determining if a juvenile was involved, as family says the suspect is a teen boy.

"They hurt enough," the nephew said. "It would be in your best interest to turn yourself in."

A GoFundMe has been set up to help lay Quinney to rest.