Travel website ranks four Michigan attractions on list of 150 things to do this summer in U.S.

A music festival near Muskegon, a brewery tour in Detroit, and an historic hospital in Traverse City are among the four attractions named by a popular travel website as spots to visit this summer.

Travel Lemming created an online guide of 150 things to do in the U.S. during these warmer months. Coming in at top at No. 20 is a visit to the Traverse City State Hospital, which used to be an historic psychiatric facility. 

Now, it's a busy town square of sorts with plenty of shops, restaurants, and other tours. 

Sometimes known as the Northern Michigan Asylum, some might think this would be a more fitting space for Halloween considering the scenery. Instead of pushing people into the depths of a haunted house, the facility has been upgraded for more modern times. 

It was also designated a Michigan Historic Site in 1985.

Other Michigan attractions that made the list include:

  • Brewery Hopping in Detroit at No. 26
  • The city of Holland at No. 36
  • Electric Forest at No. 65

Detroit's brewery scene is so hopping it's worth seeing no matter who you are in the U.S. From Motor City Brewing Works to the Jolly Pumpkin, Detroit Beer Co. and Atwater Brewery, there are several spots to check out and try local beer flavors. 

Of course, all of Michigan is worth a brewery tour. There are endless spots to check out

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The city of Holland is one of those bucolic west Michigan towns that comes with all the amenities anyone could need to enjoy a peak Great Lakes summer. 

As for Electric Forest, the music festival has become one of the most sought-after series of electronic and jam band concerts in the country. And it takes place just hours from Southeast Michigan.