Troy Place apartment residents told to vacate due to unsafe conditions in building

Busted pipes, flooded halls, and no heat were just some of the problems preceding an order from the city of Troy telling tenants at an apartment complex to vacate the property.

The Troy Place Apartments was declared uninhabitable by the city's building department, which gave people living in one of the 147 units a notice of "Do Not Occupy" after mechanical inspections of the property determined it was unsafe to live there.

It's located at the intersection of Big Beaver and Crooks.

The closure comes at a tough time for those who live in the complex, who now must find a new place to live amid freezing and snowy weather.

"At first I thought it was just a first floor issue, but then come to find out what inspectors came and told us today, it's a whole building issue," said Ricardo Matthew Jr. "She said they've been having issues with the management for quite some time now and they recommended everybody leave in the next few days."

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Those issues go beyond just disrepair at the complex: The owners owe $300,000 in taxes.

A broken boiler and flooded hallways mean the repairs needed for the complex are extensive. The letter sent to residents said legal action would be taken against those that chose to stay.

Social workers are now working to house those who were forced to leave.


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