Tudor Dixon criticizes Gretchen Whitmer's on police support, says abortion to be decided by people or a judge

For the first time in Michigan history, two women are competing for the top seat in Lansing as Tudor Dixon challenges Gretchen Whitmer for the office of Governor. And, with less than a month to go, the race is getting tighter.

According to a Detroit Free Press poll, Whitmer's lead over her Republican challenger now stands at 11 points, that’s down from a 16-point lead Whitmer had in September. 

Republican candidate for governor Tudor Dixon spoke with FOX 2 during a 'parents right' rally in St. Clair Shores, one day after the two women had their debate in Grand Rapids.

The first question was about abortion as Dixon has been clear that she doesn't support abortion unless the mother's life is in danger. 

"I think we have to be honest about abortion and that’s the problem in this state. The Governor has run these ads about abortion they are very misleading. The election is going to be decided by the people of the state or a judge. So my personal decision on what's right for my family is not going to be the decision for the state," she said. 

She was joined by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey who is stumping for GOP candidates across the country.

"We’ve got 36 races across the country and this is one that is definitely on our radar," Ducey said.

Dixon hit Whitmer on her statements in the past about the movement to defund the police. But, according to the governor's office, $825 million has been dedicated to police in the past two budgets.

"It's her own words. She's on video saying that she supports the spirit of Defund the Police and I'm thankful that we have a republican legislature that is able to push back on that. she'll talk about how she just signed that, well she just signed that in October and there's an election in nov. i think there's a big concern and as i've talked to police across the state, there's a big concern that the fact that she would even come out and say she supports the spirit of Defund the Police, makes them really wonder if there's not another election on the horizon, is she going to care about the police?" Dixon said.

The Republican is correct that Whitmer has made comments in the past about supporting the spirit of Defund the Police but later clarified and sought to distance herself from this notion. 

"I have sat with our law enforcement, I have worked arm-in-arm with them. that's why the budgets I have written have been focused on supporting… that’s why I focus on funding," Whitmer said.

Republican nominee for Governor Tudor Dixon speaks during an event in St. Clair Shores.