Uncle of victim killed in Detroit block party shooting: 'Nicest little girl I ever known'

A mass shooting at a neighborhood block party on Detroit's east side left two people dead, and 19 others injured over the weekend. 

One of the victims killed in the shooting was 20-year-old Shanae Fletcher. 

The shooting, which took place around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, is still under investigation. No arrests have been made as of Tuesday evening.

Fletcher's uncle, who goes by "Q," told FOX 2 that she was "a good girl" and a "sweetheart."

"Nicest little girl I ever known," he said. "She didn’t deserve it."

Shanae Fletcher

Over the weekend, Fletcher decided to join others at a block party on Rossini Drive near Reno in Detroit. The gathering soon turned violent.

"Sad – all those kids got shot," Q said. "She lost her life. She don’t even come outside. She a homebody."

On Monday, Detroit leaders announced efforts to squash what are being called illegal pop-up parties – such as the block party that took place over the weekend.

In order to have a legal block party, an application must be filed with the City of Detroit. 

The applicant must be the president or chair of the block club and must reside on the block, according to the city application's guidelines. And in order for the street to be closed, 75% approval of the households residing on the block involved is required.

However, Fletcher's uncle says the guidelines for these block parties are not the answer.

"They'd be better off having police just come out here, and be out here, while they're having a block party," Q said. "Because they're not going to be able to stop people from partying – so I would recommend they just tell the people ‘if y’all going to do a block party, let us have a squad car out there’ so they can just monitor it – because if there was just one squad out there, it wouldn’t of happened."


Detroit block party shooting kills 2, injures 19 others

Police did not confirm if someone had been arrested in connection with the shooting. An update will come Monday.