US Rep. Brenda Lawrence tours flood devastation, promises help

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence was in town to visit  Harper Woods, Detroit and the Grosse Pointes to see the flood damage, and deliver a message of hope.

"Help is on the way, " she said.

Her first stop was Harper Woods, where she got a first-hand look at the aftermath of last week's rainfall that left many homes businesses and city buildings dealing with flood damage.

"We lost $4600 to $5,000 in books," said Kristen Valyi-Hax, the library director.

While in the 32nd District Court, administrator Rachelle Matouk said that most of the carpets will have to be replaced and pointed out signs of black mold from the flood damage.

From Harper Woods to Grosse Ponte where Congresswoman met residents still in disbelief of the magnitude of the storm.

Grosse Pointe's mayor was also asking for help..

"We were pleading with the 

county, with the state, and no one had any help for us," said Mayor Sheila Tomkowiak.

Congresswoman Lawrence (D-Michigan) said she is going to fight to make sure those affected get the help they need.

"I was on a phone call before coming here, with FEMA, to find out what resources can come into our communities to aid the residents," Lawrence said.

The Congresswoman also toured the Jefferson Chalmers area of Detroit

She said her fight is about more than monetary help…the fight most also include infrastructure upgrades

"We allocate funds to our municipalities," she said. "We have an overall responsibility for infrastructure. Let's prioritize water and sewer infrastructure in America."