Vigil held for 11-year-old who was shot and killed in her Detroit home

11-year-old Saniyah Pugh was shot and killed on June 4 inside her home on Goulburn St in Detroit.

"Love you Saniyah."

Loved ones held a vigil one week after the senseless tragedy. Anger mixed with sadness as family and friends gathered in her honor.

"Another innocent life lost and for what? Who benefits? We must love one another amen? It's the only weapon we got."

A community of people rallied behind the family and friends of Saniyah on Sunday pleading for the senseless shootings to stop.

"This is a we issue.  We all play a role in this. To the family, we are here for you. I wanted to be here to show my support," said Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield.

"I feel heavy and I feel good in the next sense because everyone is out here to support me and my family during this tragic time in our life," said Lawanda Melton-Christian, Saniyah's grandmother.

21-year-old William Dickerson has been charged with 2nd degree murder along with other charges related to this crime.

"This is not normal... as much as we may come together and act like this is normal, this is not a normal thing."

"We love you all, we love Saniyah.  If there is anything you need from the school, George Washington Carver Academy, we got you."

Dickerson is being held without bond until his next court appearance on July 1.

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