Warren police catch serial burglars who posed as contractors to stake out empty homes

Two burglars who hit numerous homes in the tri-county area were arrested by Warren police after a break-in Thursday in Dearborn.

Police say the suspects are linked to at least six break-ins in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.

An investigation started July 7 after a break-in on Panama Street near Toepfer. Police identified the suspects as a 42-year-old resident of Clinton Township and a 29-year-old resident of Detroit. They then learned that the suspects were connected to other break-ins, including ones in Hazel Park, Clinton Township, and Dearborn.

Investigators were surveilling the suspects Thursday when they broke into a Dearborn home. They followed them to a business in Dearborn Heights, where they were arrested.

The suspects would dress as contractors wearing construction work vests and then knock on doors to determine if people were home before breaking in.

Police said the suspects pawned thousands of dollars worth of watches, jewelry, and electronics after the crimes. These items were recovered from pawnshops.

"This case shows how suspects who commit crimes in Warren are often responsible for crimes in other cities. These suspects took precious valuables from residents’ homes and sold them for their own personal gain. Both suspects have extensive criminal records for similar types crimes," said Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer.