Warren police officer fired after making racist comments on Facebook

The Warren police officer that allegedly left racist comments on social media has been fired from the department. 

An internal review was launched after Warren police received a complaint in mid-June regarding an incident on Facebook where one of their officers had posted several comments about Black people, including he was glad he wasn't born Black because he'd kill himself.

The probe determined the officer had violated department policies and Commissioner Bill Dwyer terminated the officer's employment.

"These types of actions will not be tolerated by Commissioner Dwyer or by the City of Warren Police Department. They do not reflect the men and women of this Department, nor the values of this Department," read a release from the department. "This appropriate action demonstrates how seriously the City of Warren Police Department views statements or acts of racism by any of its members. They will not be tolerated."

The man leaving comments online was identified by a woman who noticed the profile claiming Black people are the most racist in the world and that Black men don't support their children was a local law enforcement officer. 

She notified the police on June 14.

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An investigation that included interviews with the officer was conducted and they were fired on Tuesday.

"This behavior is simply wrong and strains police-community relationships and tarnishes the men and women of the Warren Police Department who dutifully go to work every day and serve all citizens with pride and professionalism, regardless of race," the statement added.