Watch: Warren police video captures moment baby is saved by officer

Warren police thought they were pulling over a reckless driver during rush hour on Tuesday.

"Speed limits 45 well over 45, I have to say 75, 80 miles an hour," said the officer on police video.

Inside the Camaro – a frantic mom with her baby boy in her lap, can’t breathe. Behind the wheel, her brother.

"Help, help, we got a baby in here dying," said the driver inside the car.

"No, no let me see, don't take him,"

The baby had blue lips with barely a pulse.

An officer administered back blows on video.

"(I) put them on my forearm, administered a few back blows, got some saliva, and I don’t know what it was kind of regurgitate onto my arm," said Fraser.

Fraser says that the mom – and her brother were inconsolable and disoriented on 12 Mile, near Schoenherr.

"Getting them to calm down is just as important as trying to get to the baby," Fraser said.

"He's breathing look at him, he's okay," Fraser said on video.

Officer Fraser brought the baby back. It’s unclear exactly – what the medical emergency was, but he says it looked like he was choking.

Officers loaded him up – taking him the half mile to the hospital..where he was treated – and is ok.

"Just rely on your training," he said.

Fraser says the advice is to call 911 first, instead of trying to transport to the hospital – to avoid a possible diaster on the way.