Red Oaks, Waterford Oaks to reopen this summer with limited hours and days

Oakland County announced on Tuesday that both of its waterparks will be open but with limited hours and days due to an ongoing shortage of lifeguards.

Waterford Oaks Waterpark will be open this summer after being closed for the past two years. Red Oaks Waterpark was open for the summer of 2021. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and staff shortages in 2021 forced the Oakland County waterpark to stay closed. Lifeguard shortages also led to the closure of the River Ride at Red Oaks Waterpark last year.

Modified hours for both parks will allow them to be fully open this year as the two parks will be sharing staff.

Red Oaks hours summer 2022

Oakland County announced Red Oaks Waterpark will open on Saturday, June 25. 

Red Oaks will then be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. until Aug. 17, when it closes for the season.

On days that Red Oaks Waterpark is closed, its staff will work at Waterford Oaks Waterpark and on days Waterford Oaks Waterpark is closed, its staff will help Red Oaks Waterpark open.

Waterford Oaks hours summer 2022 

Waterford Oaks Waterpark opens Sunday, June 26. 

Waterford Oaks will be open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Both parks will be closed on Wednesdays.

Programming at the waterparks will also be limited, but the popular River Walk program at Red Oaks Waterpark will be returning on Mondays and Wednesdays from July 6 to Aug. 17. This is a fitness program where participants walk with or against the current for exercise. 

"The safety of our guests is always our top priority," Red Oaks County Park Supervisor Matt Pardy said. "This decision was not made lightly, but we wanted to find some way to operate both waterparks to some extent this summer. By sharing staff, we are able to have both waterparks open to serve the residents of Oakland County, albeit with limited days. It was the best option we had with the staffing struggles we are facing."

The county did not shut the door on being able to reopen for more hours later in the summer.

"In the event that lifeguard staffing increases, we may be able to adjust our operating schedule to open for additional days. We plan to continue to hire staff throughout summer," Waterford Oaks County Park Supervisor Mike Boyd said. "Our decisions are always made with safety in mind."

Red Oaks, Waterford Oaks ticket prices

Red Oaks Waterpark ticket prices are $22 regular rate; $18 Oakland County resident rate; and free for children ages 0-1. 

Waterford Oaks Waterpark ticket prices are $20 regular rate; $15 Oakland County resident rate; and free for children ages 0-1.

You can buy tickets up to three days in advance online at Oakland County's website.