Waterford resturant creates drive-up breakfast idea to stay afloat during COVID

This year has brought struggles for many businesses with the COVID-19 pandemic taking a big bite out of profits. Right now Michigan restaurant owners are anxiously waiting to learn if they can resume in-person dining next week. 

Meanwhile, a restaurant in Waterford is adapting to the rules to try and keep the customers coming back.

Brody's on Cass opened just eight months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

“We were just getting our groove going and then the shutdown happened and it was really rough," said co-owner Hope Wargel. "People kind of forgot about the small little restaurants that are still doing carry out.”

Co-owners Hope and Brian Wargel noticed long lines wrapped around the buildings of fast-food restaurants. So they decided — why not try it? 

So they created a fast breakfast special for $6.99. 

“You pretty much just roll up and they come on outside and give you your food and your total and then you’re on your way," said a customer, Andrew Young. “It’s the same thing as if you’re out at a normal fast food place but the food is better.“

The meal includes a breakfast sandwich with your choice of meat, hash browns and any drink you’d like.

"We grind our own coffee beans. We use White Pine Coffee. The beans are roasted right in Lake Orion," said Brian Wargel. 

Customers can call ahead or just drive up. The meal is made to order and only takes about five minutes.

"We don’t keep it under a heat lamp," Hope said. 

The Wargels say their fast food menu is helping business just enough. And customers seem satisfied. 

“It’s good, fresh food and they’re happy, they’re smiling - they’re happy to be there so it’s good. It’s great," Young said. 

So if you need a quick bite and are in the area, these folks hope you’ll think of them - along with so many of the other smaller restaurants trying to stay afloat.

"Support local. Support any family-owned, any local business that you can. We’re struggling really bad right now," Hope said.