Wayne County coronavirus patient is a Livonia resident, mayor says

The Wayne County resident who was hospitalized for coronavirus is a resident of Livonia.

Thursday night, Mayor Maureen Miller Bosnan shared a video on her Facebook regarding the news.

"The city of Livonia has learned the Wayne County individual whose been identified as having contracted COVID-19 is a Livonia resident," said Mayor Maureen Miller Bosnan. "The state of Michigan has identified this resident as a middle-aged man with a recent history of domestic travel. The University of Michigan has verified the man is being hospitalized there."

Bosnan said the Wayne County Public Health Division is going to be the lead agency in monitoring that individual, as well as learning about any potential people who may have come into contact with him since his exposure.

Despite the news, Bosnan sought to quell concerns about the outbreak, ensuring the city is well prepared and has been monitoring the disease since Feb. 3.

"This is really for us a call to action for our residents, an opportunity to once again reinforce how important it is for us to wash our hands on a regular basis, to sneeze into our sleeve, to make sure that we're keeping a social distance from people and when you can avoid large gatherings of people," she said.

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The other patient is an Oakland County female with a history of international travel.

Michigan's first two confirmed coronavirus cases were announced Tuesday night when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference in Lansing.

Before the mayor posted her video, the state health department recorded a third coronavirus case in Michigan, spotlighting the expanding outbreak.

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