'We've gotta stop it' victim's uncle says at block party mass shooting community gathering

Early this week we heard from Detroit police about the mass shooting and their plan to tackle illegal pop-up block parties.

On Wednesday night, we heard from the community on the city's east side, including a loved one of a victim, imploring everyone to end gun violence.

"She was a little girl," said the uncle of Shanae Fletcher.

The man, known as "Q" said his niece was one of the two victims fatally wounded among the 21 shot.

"I’ve been through a lot of things in my life," he said. "I’ve been over here 34 years of my life. She grew up over here too."

But he says hes never seen anything like this. The community agreed.

"Showing our youth that they don’t resolve conflict by picking up a gun," said City Council President Mary Sheffield. "They don’t resolve beef by picking up a gun."

Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield

Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield

Sheffield held a call to action meeting Wednesday at Edmore Marbud Park, off Gratiot, near where the mass shooting happened.

She is calling on parents, families and neighbors to join the youth to address gun violence.

"So today is about healing," she said. "It’s about allowing this community to grieve. We have counselors that will be on site. But it is also a call to action."

Dozens of neighbors and community organizations battled the rain to show their support. They say its not enough to just curb the violence - it has to end.

"We've gotta stop man," Q said. "We've gotta do something better than what we been doing."

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The investigation continues. Detroit police are searching for the suspect or suspects behind the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-SPEAK UP.

"Q" an uncle of Detroit block party shooting victim Shanae Fletcher.

"Q" an uncle of Detroit block party shooting victim Shanae Fletcher.