White Lake Twp. police take new approach to stop porch pirates this holiday season

White Lake Township police have launched a new initiative called Operation Santa's Vault in hopes of deterring thieves from taking packages off front porches this holiday season. 

“If you are out there looking to steal someone’s Christmas, we’re looking to stop you," said Lt. Matthew Ivory. 

Since not everyone has a doorbell camera, which shockingly doesn’t always deter those package pilferers, police are borrowing this idea from a department down in Texas.

“We're trying to make it just a little bit harder for them to be criminals," Ivory said. 

Those living in the township are now able to send their packages to a very secure address.

“When they shop online they’re able to use the police department address in their name with a secondary line, care of Santa's Vault," Ivory said. The department launched the initiative last month. 

Ivory says so far during the operation, precious packages have been dropped at the police station on Highland Road and stored in a super-secret area even FOX 2 couldn’t see.

“We’ve been getting packages that just show up and we log them in and people come and get them.” You just need to show your ID and delivery confirmation. 

The department did make a few rules. 

“The only restrictions we have: the packages have to be under 50 pounds, no hazardous materials, no flammable liquids, no contraband or live animals," Ivory said. “We don’t make a point in opening the packages so, it just has to be within those restrictions.” 

Operation Santa’s vault runs through December 21. 

“Our community really supports us and we try to give back in any way that we can and this was a really easy for us to just kind of make sure people’s Christmas isn’t ruined.”