Woodhaven salon owners hold fundraiser for mom who lost her life saving her children in a car crash

Woodhaven Nails and Spa owners opened their doors on a Sunday for a special fundraiser to help the family of 29-year old Hillarie Galazka, who was killed in a car crash two weeks ago. 

According to Jodie Kelley, Hillarie's mom, her daughter died a hero after using her body to shield her twin boys from the crash's impact. 

Both boys survived with only minor injuries. 

"It feels like there's a hole in my heart because my daughter is not with me. I can't call her and ask her how her day is going, and I can't go into her house and walk in the kitchen and pour the kids Koolaid," says Kelley. 

Jade Pham and James Doan's salon owners say they did not know Galazka but felt the need to help after seeing the story. 

"I have a one-year-old daughter, and I felt like if that was me would I be able to do that? Can I protect my children and I thought she was just a hero, and I just really wanted to help that family," says Pham. 

Michigan state police say the crash took place at the entrance ramp of I96 near Davison. 

Authorities say the man who caused the accident had a suspended license, two warrants, and prior convictions. 

The crash is still under investigation. 

Donations collected at the fundraiser will go towards helping raise Galazkas children and a college fund.