'You must face judgment': Activists, DPD go door-to-door to bring rapist of 80-year-old to justice

Look at his face, look at his walk, this is who Detroit police say they’re after, for raping an 80-year-old woman.

"Every door, every door, we want to put some pressure on him to turn himself in," said Detroit Police Chief James White.

The neighborhood where it happened is off Memorial Street, near the Southfield freeway and I-96, and White came with a surge of community support.

"You are no longer allowed or will be accepted on these streets," said Pastor Maurice Hardwick.

Dozens of community activists promise to stay on the grind until seniors, who live there, can feel safe.

"We're fitting to put in 24 hours until this guy get off the street," said Eric Ford, president of activist group Detroit 300.

Investigators say they believe the suspect, lives in the general area, releasing this home surveillance footage of him.

"We believe that’s the perp who did it, we’d like to leave that with you,"

On Sunday – investigators say the suspect, who the 80-year-old victim did not know, offered to help with her packages, She said no.

He came back, forcing himself inside her house asking for food and money - then a struggle.

"He drags her out of the home and outside where the act was committed," White said,

Adding to the sadness of it -  the woman’s husband, was inside handicapped and helpless to intervene. She did suffer minor injuries from the assault, watched over by family who’s staying with the elderly couple.

"In speaking with our officers, reported back that the one thing she wanted to do was pray for the suspect," White said.

DPD is positioning officers in the neighborhood until he’s in custody.

"You violated our whole city and our whole culture," Hardwick said. "And you must now face your judgment."

The chief said he is worried about the suspect's next move. If he was willing to attack an innocent 80-year-old, what will he do next. White is asking anyone who recognizes the suspect from the sketch or from the doorbell camera video to not take matters into your own hands.

Chief White advises that 911 be called and for police to handle it.