This smoothie features cancer-fighting foods. Take it from cancer survivor Katie Fehr - she made the thing

After getting diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, FOX 2's own Katie Fehr has now made it into remission. To help stave off another case of the disease, she's crafted a smoothie. Katie's Cancer Fighting Smoothie is packed with ingredients ranging from flaxseed to Amla powder to orange juice. No part of this recipe is without a purpose - each intentionally chosen to help stay healthy. And it doesn't taste too bad either.

The Doctor Is In: Getting a Second Opinion

Breast cancer remains the most commonly-diagnosed form of cancer among American women, aside from skin cancer. Mammograms are a critical part of early detection, which is key to survival. Here to tell us more about breast cancer screening, risk factors, and treatment is Dr. Jessica Bensenhaver, director of the breast cancer program at Henry Ford Cancer Institute.