Friday forecast has heavy rain until mid-afternoon, moderate showers into Saturday

Can someone, anyone, please turn off the rain?

Flooding is currently happening all around Metro Detroit as consistent heavy rain is falling all around the area. It started early Friday morning and just... kept going.  

It's still going and unfortunately will keep going for several more hours.

At 1 p.m. the heaviest rain is soaking Warren and everyone that lives there and nearby. Rainfall rates of between ½ to 1 inches per hour. That would classify the rain as "heavy".  

And the issue is that the rain is moving so slowly that once it starts raining heavily on you, it continues for 45 minutes to an hour. That is a recipe for a flooding disaster.

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On top of that, we are saddled with the fact that more moisture (rain) is streaming up from the Southwest.  

So while the heavy rain will eventually die down by 2 p.m., the overall rain will continue ALL DAY. Light to moderate showers are expected to last through tonight and into the early hours Saturday morning.  

I'm not seeing too many signatures for severe weather (hail, lightning, or damaging winds) but I am seeing copious amounts of rain that will last through Saturday morning.

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As a reminder, if you see a street that is flooded (of which there are many), never attempt to drive through it. 

 You don't know what's underneath all the water or if it's safe. 

Also, check in on people that dealt with the flooding from back in late June to see if they're ok, or if they need any help with today's rain.