Heat returning to Southeast Michigan with high 80s, rising humidity expected Thursday

The heat's coming back! 

Temperatures top out near 90 degrees this afternoon, but it's a comfortable morning across Southeast Michigan. 

Humidity's coming up a touch, but we've felt worse this season. A dew point near 60 falls into that sticky category. 

A cold front sweeps through Friday bringing with it the chance for showers and storms. 

Here's tomorrow morning and you'll notice we're dry with storms to our north and west. 

That initial line will likely fade as it approaches Southeast Michigan, but scattered showers and possibly a storm are a good bet. 

It's tough to pinpoint exactly where and when, but at this point the best bet looks to be midday into the afternoon.

The front doesn't lead to a big cooldown, as we'll keep that summer feel into the holiday weekend. Rain chances are minimal Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a better opportunity set to return Tuesday.