Port Arthur residents hanging white sheets out windows to signal for rescue

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Photo credit: Port Arthur resident Jeighlan Romar. Taken 7 p.m. Tuesday.

As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to impact southeast Texas, Port Arthur residents are now seeing the effects and asking for help.

Authorities in Port Arthur are working to rescue hundreds of citizens who are trapped by the rising floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey.

They are asking people to display a signal such as a white towel, sheet or shirt out their window to let volunteer rescuers know they need help.

The city is also calling for anyone with boats to assist with rescues.

Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman said Wednesday morning the city is using dump trucks to evacuate residents. People are advised to be on the lookout from a safe spot. 

Port Arthur quickly became a trending topic on Twitter Wednesday morning as users tweeted out requests for rescues. Users provided specific addresses in hopes law enforcement and other rescue operations would help.




The Jefferson County, Texas Office of Emergency Management reported about 4:30 a.m. an overwhelming amount of 911 calls from the area.

"Once there is daylight we will resume water rescues operations. Currently the 911 system is overloaded with calls from Port Arthur, so please be patience and we will answer your calls as fast as we can and get that information to the appropriate agencies," the wrote in a Facebook post.

Around 3:30 a.m., users tweeted a picture of the Bob Bowers Civic Center, which had become a shelter area for Southeast Texas residents seeking refuge. The picture shows the building itself had been flooded.





Users are also sharing pictures of what they see in Port Arthur:




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