Tracking another big snowstorm headed for southeast Mich. Tuesday night; half a foot of snow possible for some

Sunshine this past weekend! High temps over 50! Winter is over! Well, nope. 

A tricky winter situation will impact us this week, from Tuesday through Thursday with snow accumulation beginning Tuesday night into the day on Wednesday. How much snow we'll get, though, varies significantly on your location. 

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Regardless of how much snow you're getting, a Winter Storm Watch goes into effect for all of southeast Michigan Tuesday evening that lasts through Wednesday night. Both of your commutes Wednesday will probably be impacted by snow. 

The storm is moving in from Oklahoma, gathering moisture and strength as it is projected to finish traveling Northeast over the next 24 hours.  

Cold air is digging down through Canada and will collide with the center of the storm near Missouri Tuesday afternoon. At this point, the system slows down and the change from a wet rain/mix system to a snow system begins.

The snow will likely begin to fall Tuesday night and continue for most of Wednesday. This type of set up is fairly common for us and typically results in a lot of snow. We are expecting that.  

The question right now remains *where* heavy snow will set up. 

It looks like Metro Detroit should get between 3 and 5 inches of snow with the heaviest amounts coming on Wednesday. We're still about a day from knowing with certainty where it will be the highest.

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It's a difficult forecast with moving parts ... one where a slight derivation in path would mean much different totals.  

We will be watching this one extremely closely over the next 24 hours.

You can get the latest forecast in the video player above. 

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