2-year-old boy in critical condition after shooting self with unsecured gun in Detroit

A 2-year-old boy is in critical condition after he shot himself in Detroit late Wednesday.

Staff at St. John Hospital in Detroit called police after the boy's parents brought him to the hospital.

Police said the boy got ahold of a gun that was in an open duffel bag at a house off of Liberal Street on the east side. The boy shot himself in the leg and needed surgery, police said.

"The only saving grace is that the baby is alive," said Detroit Police Chief James White.

According to police, the incident happened after an unspecified domestic dispute, and both parents were arrested Thursday morning.

"We are not kidding. We are holding these parents accountable. We are seeking charges on both. They're in custody facing child endangerment, child neglect," White said.

Police said this is 15th time a child has gotten ahold of a gun and the 13th time a child has shot themselves with an unsecured gun in Detroit this year.

"I'm tired of standing here saying we have to be responsible gun owners, but here we are," White said. "This isn't about a political position – this is about our babies and we have to do better."

Gun locks are given away for free at any Detroit police precinct.

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