33-year-old woman charged with assaulting Troy officer after trying to bite deputy

A woman with multiple active warrants in Metro Detroit allegedly tried to bite a Troy police officer after she was arrested at the Somerset Collection last week. 

Prior to the woman's arrest, she was identified as the owner of a parked vehicle that had a dog inside that appeared to be in distress.

After arresting the woman, she was placed in a patrol vehicle where she "began banging her head against the interior of the police vehicle." She was eventually given additional charges after being restrained.

A release from Troy police reported police initially responded to the Somerset mall on West Big Beaver Road on May 19 in the afternoon after receiving a call about a parked Chevrolet Camaro that had a dog in it.

The officers located a car that had the dog in the vehicle and determined it had been inside for 90 minutes. 

While attempting to locate the owner of the vehicle, a 33-year-old woman approached and the officers and determined she was in fact the owner of the vehicle, according to a release. 

During their investigation, they also determined she had two misdemeanor warrants out for her arrest. One in Detroit for Assault and the other in Livingston County for Aggravated Assault.

Police arrested her and unlocked her vehicle to rescue the dog.

The woman subsequently became irritated and banged her head against the inside of the patrol car.

After she was taken to a lock-up facility, she "continued to thrash about, kicking, and screaming at the officers." Shortly after, she attempted to bite one of the officers and needed to be secured in a restraint chair.

As a result, she was charged with Assault and Battery of a Police Officer, Hinder and Obstruction of a Police Officer, and Cruelty to an animal.

She has not been arraigned yet.