7-year-old girl shot amid dispute between parents, dad arrested after barricading himself

A child was caught in the crossfire of an argument between her mom and dad after one started shooting at the other.

Early Thursday morning, police received a report that an argument between a couple had escalated to the point the dad fired shots, striking the car being driven by the mother.

The 7-year-old girl inside was struck and taken to a local hospital.

Preliminary information from Detroit police reported around 1:25 a.m., a mother was attempting to leave her residence at 9636 Appoline, near W Chicago, with her child in the car.

As they were driving away, the dad fired shots and struck the car and the child.

She is now in stable condition after being taken to the hospital by her mom. 

The suspect shooter then barricaded himself inside his home, at which point Detroit police set up a perimeter. He surrendered without incident shortly after.