Brawl breaks out in audience during Lil Durk concert at Detroit's Fox Theatre

A brawl broke out Saturday in the audience of a hip-hop concert at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.

During Lil Durk's show, a group of people started throwing punches and pulling hair. It isn't clear what started the fight that Detroit police say they broke up.

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"They called our officers in. We were able to come in and quell the matter, and the concert was able to go on," Deputy Chief Franklin Hayes said.

Hayes noted that the police department's Downtown Services Department can assist venues with security preparations for big events.

"We will continue to have a presence and continue to work with our partners, and make sure that these incidents are the anomaly and not the norm," he said.

Hayes added that if you ever end up in a similar situation to Saturday's fight, contact security and let them take care of the problem.

 "Don’t let anyone else interrupt your experience or put you in position to make a bad decision. Let it go, look for your venue security, look for a police officer. We will handle it," he said.

 FOX 2 reached out to the company behind the concert, 313 Presents, for comment but has not received a response.