Canton police officer allegedly killed by son, was beloved in the community

Amid the heartbreak being felt in Plymouth Canton schools over the killing of Edward Jagst, the 21-year veteran of the Canton Police Department and popular school resource officer is being remembered for his kindness and service.

Jagst was found shot to death Monday, allegedly at the hands of his 18-year-old son Hayden Jagst inside their Brighton home.

"He still had so much more time to live, he had so much life ahead of him," said Ryan Triolet.

Triolet says at Plymouth Canton Educational Park everyone knew Edward Jagst, 48, as a kind police officer who always made people laugh, according to Triolet, a 2018 Canton High School graduate.

"He was one of those people that just really embodied what a police officer should be in my opinion, especially with all that’s been going on - with the public opinion of the police - he was one of the good ones," he said. "You almost expect to hear of officers killed in the line of duty but to hear it happening in their own home by a family member it’s just a whole new level of shock."

On Wednesday afternoon Hayden Jagst stayed mostly silent when he went before a judge for the first time. Hayden now faces multiple charges including open murder and is being held without bond.

Hayden Jagst is charged with killing his father.

Hayden Jagst is charged with killing his father.

"He definitely always seemed to me as a family man and it seems like he got along pretty well with his family from what he told me," said Triolet. "So it definitely made it a lot more shocking."

Eriksson Elementary Principal Kevin Learned says Jagst's service went beyond the district's high schools. He also spent a decade teaching safety lessons to second and fifth-graders.

"He was very kind, very gentle, very supportive of our community, and he’ll definitely be missed," said Learnned. "He was always opening to answering questions. As you can imagine, elementary-age kids have some doozies sometimes. But he was always welcoming of those questions and answer them in a very kind and understanding way."

Canton Police Officer Edward Jagst taught safety lessons to second and fifth graders.

Canton Police Officer Edward Jagst taught safety lessons to second and fifth graders.

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A GoFundMe has been established for the family. To donate CLICK HERE.

Now as the community comes to terms with the stunning loss, they want Jagst's family to know they are standing behind them.

"During his lifetime he helped out a lot of people, he improved a lot of people's days," Triolet said. "He put smiles on people's faces when they were having the worst day of their life and he was always just a such a respectful, good human being and of course an amazing police officer - but also a genuinely good person."