Zion Foster's cousin sentenced to jail for lying to cops after throwing dead teen in dumpster

It's been nearly four months since an Eastpointe teen went missing. Zion Foster's cousin is headed to prison for lying to police about her disappearance and death. Zion's body still hasn't been found.

Jaylin Brazier was sentenced Wednesday in a Macomb county courtroom for lying to Eastpoint Police about the investigation of what happened to Foster, missing since January 5th. The judge went above sentencing guidelines and sentenced Brazier to  23 months to 4 years in prison.

"I can't even explain it,, what happened. I can just tell you my honest reaction," Jaylin Brazier claimed in court. "One minute she was cool, she was fine. She laid back for a minute and the next thing I knew she was just dead. I don't know what caused it, I did not cause it."

Brazier admitted he found Zion dead, but he's not charged with her murder. Instead, Braizer admits he threw the dead body in a dumpster.  

"I reacted stupidly off of fear and panic like I've never felt before in my life," he said.

Zion's mother, Sierra Milton, spoke in court and said she did not believe  Brauzer at all.

"It wasn't too long ago that I saw you and even knowing that my baby had been in contact with him, I kept going to his house. I just wanted him to tell me the truth," said Milton.

Zion Foster

Zion Foster

"Facebook, everything ... and it hit me at once so I had to just take time to get my thoughts together because I was in panic mode ever since that happened," Brazier said.

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But the judge laid down the truth.

"I cannot believe what this family has been through," said Judge Edward Servitto. "That is before this court."

Foster, 17, left her mother's Eastpointe home to hang out with Brazier, 17, on Detroit's west side. However, Foster never returned home.

Brazier will get credit for the 66 days and he's already been in jail. . However, if the body shows up and more evidence is found, he could be recharged with murder.

Jaylin Brazier in court.

Jaylin Brazier in court.