Detroit artist Gmac Cash raps new song about Belle Isle 'giant slide'

Jokes about Belle Isle's giant slide and the supposed danger it brought to its riders upon reopening last weekend have now been written into a local Detroit rapper's latest song.

With video showing riders bouncing along the slide's many grooves, rapper Gmac Cash who is known for his beats about local phenomena in Detroit put his talent to the test and the city's newest feature. 

"It's the same giant slide we got on as children. New slide looking like they jumped off of a building," goes the beat, which was posted on the personality's Instagram this weekend. 

The video shows riders outfitted in giant potato sacks gaining speed down the silver slide. By the time many of the riders reach the bottom, they're not in the same position they started in - an ode to one of the next lines in the song.

"It's like jumping off a roof. Man, you could lose a tooth," raps Gmac Cash. "Man, you can break your back (on the giant slide), you can even break your neck (on the giant slide), you can even bump your head (on the giant slide), man even watch your arms and legs (on the giant slide).

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After real concerns the speed people were riding when they went down the slide were too fast, officials at the Belle Isle State Park closed the attraction hours after opening it. They later reopened the slide after scrubbing the surface with wax and spraying water on the slide to help riders slow down their speed.

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The Department of Natural Resources later posted a video of the proper technique for riding down the slide. Despite Gmac Cash's lyric to "take a Tylenol to get on," it should require no medication.

 Gmac Cash previously did a rap about cars doing doughnuts on The Lodge Freeway.