Detroit EMT worker recovers from COVID-19; partner still hospitalized

Detroit EMT Rob Nemeth is a coronavirus survivor. 

"They didn't expect me to make it past the first week," he said, now speaking from the comfort of his own home. "I'm breathing room air on my own. I'm no longer on the ventilator. I'm eating solid foods."

"Having him in the house, it's been so amazing," said his wife Liz Baese.

Nemeth was bedridden just five days ago. He is a local EMT who can't say how he contracted COVID-19, part of the reason why he wanted to share his story in the first place. 

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"Just in passing. shaking someone's hand, any kind of social contact," Nemeth said. "That's how easy it is for anyone to pick it up."

EMT Rob Nemeth after being sick, left, and during his coronavirus illness, right.

His fiancé Liz and their son both tested positive for the coronavirus and had much milder symptoms.

Nemeth's EMT partner Paul Novicki, also contracted the disease, who, according to his GoFundMe page, is still struggling in the hospital. 

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Rob Nemeth's EMT partner Paul Novicki is still hospitalized.

Meanwhile, Nemeth is scheduled to have his tracheotomy tube removed on Thursday and is expected to make a full recovery. 

As for why he decided to speak out when he couldn't talk:

"To wake the community up," he said. "To let them know how easy you can contract it and how fatal it can be."