Detroit police arrest boyfriend of murdered woman who family says was abusive

Sharita Poole remembers the day her baby sister was born. 

Last July Clarita Poole was killed at 27, but the family is one step closer to justice. Detroit police have announced the arrest of a suspect, Dorian Johnson, in the murder.

"We got a call that a Good Samaritan dropped my sister's body off at the Detroit Fire station,"  she said.

Clarita had been shot in the head and later died. 

"She was a good person," Poole said. "She was a really, really good person."

Detroit police arrested Johnson for the murder of Clarita with whom he had a relationship with. The family says Johnson was known to be abusive to her. 

"He would threaten her and post stuff on social media," she said. 
Johnson is behind bars awaiting his next court date.  He's facing charges that include Homicide first degree and firearms possession by a felon.

Clarita Poole, inset - her murder suspect Dorian Johnson.

Sharita says she is thankful to Detroit Police for taking her sister's alleged killer off the streets.

Detroit police say they are dedicated to not only solving homicide cases but all cases brought before them to bring justice and closure to families. 

"I think that justice happens if you don't give up," Poole said. "You keep your heart and mind into it and you pray on it."

Sharita has this message for victims of abuse in hopes that they won't suffer her sister's fate. 

"You deserve better," she said. "When these men threaten you, it's not just a threat to scare you. They mean what they say."