Detroit police investigating 4 separate shootings in downtown

Detroit police are investigating four separate shootings in downtown Saturday night.

The most tragic incident was a store employee shot and killed in Greektown.

"The officers were out front patrolling the area, and they heard the gunshot, and it turns out it was some kind of dispute about someone cutting in line," said James White.

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The suspect was arrested immediately after the shooting.

"You've got cameras all around here, we've got the eagle eye in the sky on this area - so we're literally seeing all the movement down here," said Chief White.

On Friday night, four people were also shot. One of the men died.

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The suspect in that shooting was shot by police after pointing a gun at them. He was arrested a short time later at a nearby hospital.

"Soon as it gets hot, everybody's bringing out their animosity, and they're just going wild and going crazy, said Kay, a witness to one of the shootings.

Detroit Police began enforcing a curfew in downtown on Saturday. Kids 15 and under unaccompanied by an adult are required to be off the streets at 10 p.m., and kids aged 16 & 17 — at 11 p.m.

"A lot of kids down here right now, thousands down here last night up and down the river walk and in Greektown, we need to have parental responsibility," said Chief White. "Our community deserves better; our city deserves better; we've got a resurgence, a lot of jobs, a lot of opportunities."

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