Detroit police looking for 4 suspects after quadruple shooting that killed 1, injured child

A child was hurt, a man is dead, and two others were injured in a drive-by shooting in Detroit Thursday evening.

Detroit police say four men driving in a newer model SUV are behind the deadly shooting.

Police said they found dozens of shell casings from multiple firearms in the area. "Too many innocent people, too many innocent children (shot) just due to unnecessary gun violence," said DPD Cmdr. Tiffany Stewart, 10th Precinct.

A quadruple shooting that injured a child would make news anywhere. But the wave of shootings rolling over the city has become increasingly common as fatal and non-fatal shootings have risen since the pandemic struck Detroit.

During the latest shooting, Stewart said she counted 22 shell casings "from a couple different firearms, semi-automatic weapons."

"That is why we have a major push to take as many illegal guns off the street as we can at this point," said Stewart.

While the department has bolstered efforts in recent months for more gun control of illegal weapons and better gun safety, interim chief James White has plans of his own.

In what one reporter's question characterized as "aggressive moves" for an interim chief, White rolled out a five-point plan Thursday that takes aim at less-severe offenses. Drag racing, noise violations, and increased code enforcement will follow in lockstep with new crowd control measures in some of the city's busiest areas.

"We're lowering the party atmosphere, but we have to do so responsibly," he said. "These are not just words. We're taking this seriously."

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A brawl in Greektown and Lamborghinis racing on sidestreets tipped the scales to convince the chief to request more overtime hours for officers on the weekends.

However, more police working in popular destinations of the city won't take away from normal patrolling by police in other parts of the city.