Detroit Police partner with metro area police departments for Operation Brison

After 2-year-old Brison Christian was shot and killed on I-75 when alleged shooters targeted the wrong pickup truck, his father said he wanted his son's death to never be forgotten. That's coming to fruition a week after his death with Operation Brison.

Detroit and Michigan State Police announced the plan earlier this week to combine forces with other metro area police agencies. The goal is to find solutions to the violence on I-75.

"I want to thank the chiefs from around the region for coming together today. We had a very good meeting, very promising meeting," Interim Detroit Police Chief James White said. "It's very important that Dearborn participates. All roads lead to Dearborn or come through Dearborn through the city of Detroit and suburban communities."

On Thursday, chiefs from across southeast Michigan met at Detroit Police Headquarters Thursday to discuss the partnership to stop those criminal activities and shootings on highways.

>>Operation Brison: Support his family by going to their GoFundMe page HERE.

Checks to honor Brison can be written to Eleven-Fifteen and mailed to: Detroit Public Safety Foundation 
1301 Third Street Suite 547, Detroit, MI 48226

"We're joined forces with Detroit Police and our regional partners. We clearly understand that these areas know no border," said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad.

Last week's shooting that took the life of Brison was a result of mistaken identity. However, quick police work led to the arrest and charging of two men in the case.

But there are many other recent shootings on area highways that have not been solved.

"This is going to be very instrumental in detecting and apprehending those serious criminals that impact all of our communities," Haddad said.

White said the police departments will all work together to enhance safety on southeast Michigan highways.

"We're going to coordinate the information together, share information. They're going to patrol their areas, we're going to patrol ours for right now, and then we're going to reassess and come together with really a strong plan for our communities," White said.

Michigan State Police will also be involved but officials say this operation will not cross jurisdictional lines.