Detroit Police say man was angry about parking issue before mass shooting that killed 2, injured 6

The Detroit Police Department said a suspect who was upset about his neighbor blocking his driveway shot 8 people, killing 2 of them early Sunday morning.

Detroit Police confirmed a second victim died Monday morning, more than a day after someone shot into a crowd in a Detroit neighborhood on the city's west side.

An anonymous neighbor said the shooter came out of his house and started shooting across the street, firing close to 30 or 40 rounds. The number of shots fired by the shooter was not confirmed by police.

Of the 8 people, 2 were killed and several of the other 6 were critically wounded. 

The fatal shooting victims were identified as Andre Willis Jr. and Toyake Thirkield. Willis was a father of two, and Thirkield leaves behind three children and a husband.

Andre Williams Jr. and Toyake Williams.

Andre Williams Jr. and Toyake Thirkield

The neighbor said the shooting around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday turned Coyle and Plymouth into a war zone.

"We had to call police and tell them what was going on and they were hearing it as we were talking to them," the neighbor said.

So what prompted the shooting? A parking problem.

According to police, the shooter was mad about someone who was blocking his driveway. FOX 2 learned he, at first, fired into the air before he went inside the house and came back out to fire more shots.

"They weren't bothering him they didn't knock on his door or throw anything on his grass nothing," the neighbor said.

The shooting was one of several that Detroit Police were investigating over the weekend. One of which was near Lawrence and 14th Street and ended with the death of a teenage boy around 6:30 Sunday night.

Detroit Police Capt. Rebecca McKay said witnesses reported hearing 4 shots from the car before the driver sped away.

Police Chief James White is expected to release more information later in the day on Monday when he addresses this weekend's violent outbursts.