Driver loses control on I-94, crashes into Michigan police officer helping others who slid off freeway

A driver going too fast in the winter weather Monday evening lost control and crashed into a Michigan police vehicle as an officer helped another driver.

The crash happened in Bridgman, a Southwest Michigan city south of Benton Harbor. Police said an officer was along the freeway helping a couple who had slid off the freeway.

(Photo: Bridgman Police Department)

While the officer and couple were waiting for a tow truck inside the officer's vehicle, a driver lost control and slammed into the vehicle. No serious injuries were reported.

Police are using the crash as a reminder to drivers to reduce their speed for the road conditions, and slow down and move over if they see an emergency vehicle.

(Photo: Bridgman Police Department)

Though the crash happened on the other side of the state, the message extends to all drivers. On Tuesday, light snow combined with subzero temperatures led to multiple crashes around Metro Detroit. Police spent much of the morning responding to spinouts in the area. Snow is also in the forecast for the morning commutes Thursday and Friday.

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