Ex-Detroit fire official accused of stealing from union is mother of wanted murder suspect

FOX 2 has learned about a connection between an allegedly corrupt Detroit union official and a brutal murder from a few years ago. 

On Monday - we reported retired Detroit Fire union treasurer Verdine Day is accused of stealing over $200,000 from her union -- allegedly spending it on lavish trips and other personal expenses.

Tonight sources confirmed to us that Day is also the mother of wanted homicide fugitive Tamera Williams. She's been on the run since 2018 for the murder of her former boyfriend, David Carter from Melvindale.

Police say Williams killed Carter chopped his body into pieces and stuffed them in a sleeping bag and dumped it on the side of I-75 in Ohio.

Tamera Williams, left, Verdine Day

There's a five thousand dollar reward for her arrest - and the US Marshalls want you to call this number if you have any information, call  313-202-6458.

Melvindale police named Carter's girlfriend, Tamera Williams or Tammy, as the lead suspect. Authorities say Williams disappeared after the 39-year-old father went missing and she's been on the run since.

Carter's father Elton says she can be anywhere at this point. 

"One she's a travel agent by profession," he said. "She's also a member of the Eastern Star."

The Order of the Eastern Star is a co-ed fraternity associated with the Masons. Authorities say that provides her with contacts throughout the country.

Melvindale man David Carter was killed and dismembered in 2018.

Melvindale man David Carter was killed and dismembered in 2018.

Verdine Day was charged in federal court with bank and wire fraud after the scheme was allegedly uncovered following an audit, which was initiated in 2020. Day, who was once honored as the Detroit Woman Firefighter of the Year, initially came under suspicion in Oct. 2019, just after her retirement.

According to the indictment, Day was the treasurer from Dec. 1, 2015, until Sept. 2019 when she retired from the Detroit Fire Department. Prior to becoming Treasurer, she had been with the department for 29 years and was elected treasurer to maintain and track expenses for the fire department.

She was also paid a salary of 40% of her base pay plus received a monthly car allowance, cell phone allowance, paid parking, and multiple credit cards from the DFFA but was so provide a receipt for every purchase.