Execution-style murder suspect Googled expensive watches & news about burning vehicles in Detroit, police say

The suspect accused of the brutal killing of a 6-year-old boy, the boy's father, and the boy's father's girlfriend searched online after their murders for expensive watches and burning vehicles in Detroit.

Nicholas Raad Bahri, 37, was arraigned Tuesday on three homicide charges, three charges of committing a felony while possessing a gun, three charges involving a felon carrying a gun, and a charge of mutilating a dead body.

According to police, Bahri is the only man responsible for the execution-style murders Tai'raz Moore, 6, and Isis Rimson, 28, and Tai'raz's father, Tukuyo. 

Tai'raz and Rimson were both found shot to death in the basement of a home on Otis Street in Warren on October 1. According to police, Bahri was at their home for about 10 minutes just hours before they were found dead. Shortly after that, police said he was spotted on surveillance video driving a rental car registered to Tukuyo Moore and buying gasoline and a gas can at 8 Mile and Woodward. 

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The rental car was later found burning and Tukuyo's body was inside of it.

A few hours later, police said his internet phone history showed he was searching for expensive watches and Googled news reports about burning vehicles in Detroit. 

"It was all about drugs and money. And I'll leave it at that," Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said Tuesday.

Tukuyo Moore was last seen in the evening of Sept. 30 in the driveway of Bahri's house in Bloomfield Hills, which was determined based on cell phone records and security camera footage from Bahri's home. Also in that video was the rental car where he was later found dead.

Around 10 p.m. that night, police said GPS data showed the rental drove around Oakland County before eventually arriving at the home on Otis in Warren and left 12 minutes later.

After leaving the Warren home, he stopped at the gas station. 

A little before 2 a.m., Detroit police responded to the burning car and later found Tukuyo's body inside the vehicle. Police said he had been shot in the head before the fire was started.

When Detroit Police identified him, they drove to the home on Otis in Warren to notify his family and found the home open and ransacked. Warren Police found the bodies of Tai'raz and Rimson in the basement of the home.

"Nicholas Bahri. Barbarian. Child Killer. and he will serve his time," Dwyer said, holding up a photo of the suspect. "I have talked to U.S. attorney also, Mr. Schneider, Matthew Schneider. I've talked about this before as far as possibly taking this person under criminal capital offense. Mr. Schneider is monitoring the case very closely."

Last week Dwyer called the murders truly evil and unthinkable and said the person or persons responsible clearly have no regard for life. Dwyer has said he wants federal prosecutors involved so the death penalty could be possible for the person responsible.

"When you murder of 6-year-old innocent baby, the person or persons responsible deserve the death penalty," Dwyer said Friday morning.

Bahri was ordered held without bond.