Extra enforcement on Southfield Freeway leads to 64 citations including felony child abuse warrant

Michigan State Police had a busy day on the Southfield Freeway Thursday.

It was part of a special session of law enforcement on the typically busy and fast highway as state troopers spent July 28 stepping up surveillance of M-39. 

It proved a productive day as officers made 75 traffic stops which resulted in 64 drivers cited. Officers served one felony child abuse warrant, two misdemeanor warrants, and identified 22 drivers with suspended licenses.

"One of the places we get the most complaints from - people who live in this area or travel back and forth from work - is the Southfield Freeway," said 1st Lt. Mike Shaw with the state police. "A lot of people realize the speed limit is 55, but this is a very tough area to do any kind of enforcement due to the fact the shoulders are very small and very narrow."

"And it makes it a lot harder to pull people over safely which is why the speed limit is 55." 

Several updates from state police throughout the day revealed a productive session. 

MSP to speeding drivers on Southfield Freeway: 'you’re probably going to get a ticket today'

That includes one post listing the excuses that police heard after pulling someone over:

  • Didn’t know the speed limit 
  • No one drives 55 so just change the limit 
  • Shouldn’t have urban freeways 
  • It’s the end of the month…not sure what that means 
  • Can’t you fix the potholes?

But, state police also said they got a lot of compliments "and not one crash while we were out there which is what counts."