Family: Woman who crashed into Canton Walmart suffered seizure

A woman in a black Jeep SUV ended up inside a Walmart after she drove through one of the entrances Friday afternoon. Several people were injured, including a child, police said.

Family members told FOX 2 off-camera that the woman suffered a seizure, leading her to crash; she is expected to recover. However, police have not confirmed that as the cause. 

Chaos and confusion erupted inside the Canton Township Walmart on Ford Road as the crash took place around 1:30 p.m., according to video footage. The car remained inside the store for several hours.

All the victims are either being treated, or have been released, for their non-life-threatening injuries. In total, five patients were transported to
local hospitals, including the driver of the vehicle. Three additional individuals were assessed by paramedics on-scene and declined further medical treatment, police say.

Now closed, many would-be customers drove up to get a head start on their weekend, only to find crews still dealing with the aftermath.

"I was just getting ready to walk in there," said Monet Hardy, a shopper. "And I’m looking like ‘well, what happened?’"

Police Chief Chad Baugh said bystanders inside the store helped in the emergency efforts.

"We had some patrons in the store that weren’t hurt that actually assisted us along with our fire departments to transport some of the victims of the crash," Baugh said.

One man working inside as a vendor said he was very close to the crash.

"It was pretty crazy, like the racks are totally pushed back and honestly where she came through the building there, it was probably 15 feet from me," he said. "I was like right there, and they went through right there. There was one small wall that was separating (me) from where I was working."


SUV crashes into Canton Walmart ending up inside store, several injured

Police say that several people inside received injuries with many transported by rescue units from surrounding cities, including Canton.