Funerals held for MSU shooting victims Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner

Two of the three students killed in the mass shooting at Michigan State University were laid to rest surrounded by loved ones on Saturday.

At St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church in Grosse Point Farms, a service paid tribute to Brian Fraser.

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"Brian, thank you for all you have given us in your short life. It is packed with kindness and love and serenity," said Father Tom Slowinski.

The 20-year-old studied business. People here knew Fraser as a young leader filled with promise.

"Brian’s family said they wanted him remembered as a light, not a victim. I thought that was so profound," said Father Tom Slowinski. "They would say that at a time like this, that light to dispel the despair, the resentment. So many of the toxic emotions that come with a tragedy like this."

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Fraser served as a chapter president of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and was also a lifeguard.

"People touch other lives in ways. They don’t even imagine what it’s like times like this, you see that," said Slowinski.

The somberness stretched a half hour away to Clawson. Over at the Guardian Angels Catholic Church— family and friends honored Alexandria Verner.

"She stuck up for people who may be bullied. She made sure that would not happen because she loves all people."

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Those who knew her say she was a star high school athlete and a role model to younger students.

"She saw something greater in mankind. When you think about that, when you think about what events we’ve had the past week, think about the love Alexandria would have she would have great love for others. She would have forgiveness and tell me that does not connect to Faith."

Verner— also 20 years old, planned to become a forensic scientist.

"Today really know about faith, hope, and love, and we learned it. We learned it because of her life here on earth."

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Loved ones carried Fraser and Verner away— carrying with them what would have been futures filled with promise. Now the student's impact from a brief time on earth will live on.

"If you knew him, think of how he touched your life and allowed that quality the characteristic that spirit, to work through you."