Michigan has some of the least confrontational drivers in the U.S., survey finds

Michigan drivers are some of the least confrontational travelers on the road, a new survey found.

Despite reports of shootings and other reckless driving actions on Michigan highways that have come in over the summer, the state actually ranks as one with better driving behaviors.

According to an analysis of 10 key driving metrics and surveys with 5,000 drivers, Michigan ranks 48 out of 50 among America's most confrontational states. The state with the most confrontational drivers is Utah, followed by Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Michigan's score of 65.41 out of 100 was determined through a questionnaire put forth by Forbes, which asked drivers in each state about how often they either observed bad driving or themselves were confrontational.

Some behaviors were as normal as honking a horn and as dangerous as having a gun pointed at someone. Those surveyed were also asked about rude gestures, tailgating, and getting forced off the road. Each variable was weighted differently when factoring into a total score.

The poll was conducted between Aug. 17-26.

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The survey also found that the top reason that someone may become confrontational on the road is in response to someone else driving inappropriately. Stress, heavy traffic, and running late were other reasons.

Other key findings include that more than one in five drivers had seen someone cause an accident due to road rage.