Michigan to allow self-serve alcohol at bars, restaurants

You can soon pour yourself a drink at some Michigan bars and restaurants now, thanks to a new bill signed this week.

Public Act 656 allows businesses with liquor licenses to add dispensers with beer, wine, or mixed drinks.

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There are some stipulations. For insurance, the dispensers cannot have spirits – only mixed drinks. Also, businesses cannot sell or advertise unlimited quantities of beverages from the dispenser. 

According to an analysis of the Act before it was approved, when self-serve dispensers are used a customer will usually be given a card with their payment information on it. This card may be set to limit how much can be poured at one time, and many ounces can be poured before a server needs to reload the card.

The analysis said that the self-self taps will allow customers to sample drinks before making a choice, while helping bars and restaurants dealing with staffing shortages.